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Declared in 2000 by UNESCO “World Heritage Site”, the Aeolian Islands offer to the guests exceptional diving, long walks on the coast, and opportunity to  see rare and protected flora and fauna.
Lipari is the most extensive Aeolian island, here  tourists can choose between white or black sand beaches, color obtained due to the volcanic rock that gave birth to the famous “Pietra Pomice di  Lipari”.

Salina has a tuff cliff embroidered by the wind, a beach with lava stones and clear sea.

Panarea is the most ancient, wild and glamor of the Aeolian islands, it offers a lively social life, and it is not unusual to meet famous people.

The other islands are Alicudi, Filicudi, Vulcano and Stromboli, whose volcano is still active. Easily reached by hydrofoil or ferry from Milazzo’s port.